YeboYes e.V.

We chose the name “YeboYes” for our organization because it is a typical expression of confirmative and affirmative in the Zulu language, which you often encounter in the streets of KwaZulu Natals.  “YeboYes” also means to take the initiative to approach someone.  In this way, we want our organization to make a concrete contribution in supporting the Kenosis Community in South Africa.


We, the founders of the organization, want to make a difference and are committed to South Africa and its people.  In particular, we are committed to the Kenosis Community, of which we are avid supporters!

We founded this association so that...

  • we can actively do something for the Kenosis Community here in Germany, despite the huge distance between us.
  • we can address through our financial support of the Kenosis Community the problems prevailing in South Africa, such as the causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and lack of education. More...


 We, the founding members of the organization, served for one year as volunteers at the Kenosis Community and partook in life there.  We worked together in the most unusual areas, experienced and lived the lives of the people, and became very fond of THEM and their country.  


A lot of time passed before out project was actually established, but everything was finally completed on April 24th, 2009.  The “YeboYes e.V.” organization was founded and officially registered on July 14th, 2009 in Mainz, Germany. More...