We, the founders of the organization, want to make a difference and are committed to South Africa and its people.  In particular, we are committed to the Kenosis Community, of which we are avid supporters!

We founded this association so that...

  • we can actively do something for the Kenosis Community here in Germany, despite the huge distance between us.
  • we can address through our financial support of the Kenosis Community the problems prevailing in South Africa, such as the causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and lack of education.
  • we, through our support of the Kenosis Community, can also connect with the people in the nearby, surrounding areas.
  • we can make others in Germany aware of both the problems but also our fascination with South Africa, to encourage people to support and also explore this country.
  • we can build upon and maintain the connections between current and former volunteers.  Herein lies the potential for action, through which we can make a difference by the easiest means possible.

If you would like to be invited to our Member Meetings and “Kenosen Gatherings,” please contact us at info(at)yeboyes.de.  You can also become an active and supportive member of “YeboYes e.V.” and you will be automatically included in these meetings.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will consider joining us!