The Foster Child Project represents the core of the work done within the community.  The project is about caring for children, who either have lived here since they were babies or were taken from their families and brought to the community for their own protection.  The children all attend school or daycare, receive regular meals, and are given clean clothes, which fit them.  All of this is not always common in South Africa.  In the afternoons, the children have the opportunity to get extra tutoring from the volunteers, or they may use there free time to play games.  The children are allowed to be children.  Even their birthday is something to be celebrated with a party and a sweet, colorful cake!


A second core area of work for the Kenosis Community is the daycare, which is located on the grounds of the community and cares for approximately 50 children.  The children from the nearby town of Pietermaritzburgs and the children of the families working in the surrounding sugarcane farms are picked up everyday by a minibus.  Oftentimes the families are unable to raise the money needed to pay the school and transportation fees, which instead are covered by the community.  The children remain at the daycare from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  They are given a warm lunch, take a midday nap, and are able to play outside and inside.  In addition, they are taught English, which they will need for school but are not taught at home.  This is important as school lessons in South Africa are taught in English starting from the first grade.  Medical checkups are also provided at regular intervals.